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How Innovation Ended My Daily Battle with Headache and Migraine

After 25 trials, a new migraine treatment gave Jennifer her life back after years of pain.

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Researcher Profile: Dr. Joel Trugman

Joel and biopharmaceutical researchers like him work to develop new therapies that prevent migraines before they start. 

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Finding Migraine Relief

More than 38 million Americans suffer from migraines, but thanks to new advanced treatments, that number is shrinking.

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Living With Limits Does Not Mean Living Without Hope

For Mitra, living with lupus symptoms and limitations doesn’t mean living without hope.

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Researcher Profile: Dr. Ryan Moslin

Researchers like Ryan at Bristol-Myers Squibb are making strides in lupus treatment that were impossible 10 years ago.

Lupus Together Pair Thumbnail

In Search of Targeted Treatments for Lupus

Ryan’s research gives Mitra hope that the limitations of her lupus will not last forever.

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There Are No Failures in Parkinson’s Research; Only Setbacks

Parkinson’s disease can’t be slowed or cured, but researchers like Dr. Williamson are working to change that.

Parkinson's Together Thumbnail

Pushing the boundaries of science to treat Parkinson’s disease

Biopharma researchers like Doug are fighting to give Parkinson's patients like Rich their normal lives back.

Asthma Together Pair

A New Era for Asthma Treatment

With more than 100 medicines for respiratory diseases currently in development and 49 medicines for asthma alone, the future has never been brighter.

Taking Control of Epilepsy image

Taking Control of Epilepsy

As the most common serious neurological condition in the U.S., epilepsy affects roughly 3.4 million Americans. It's what drives biopharmaceutical researchers to fight back with innovative medicines like targeted treatments that could transform the lives of patients living with the disease.

A Lifeline for Blood Cancer image

A Lifeline for Blood Cancer

The battle against blood cancer is one that can strike early, often beginning in childhood. But thanks to the unstoppable resolve of researchers, groundbreaking treatments can now harness the body's own cells to power the fight and help give back time to patients and their families.

Taking Down T1 Diabetes image

Taking Down Type 1 Diabetes

New developments are transforming treatments for people living with type 1 diabetes.

Slowing Down Juvenile Arthritis image

Slowing Down Juvenile Arthritis

New advancements speed recovery and enable healthier lives for JA patients.

Taking Out ALS

Taking Out ALS

A top challenge generates a tidal wave of research and innovation.

Beating Heart Disease image

Beating Heart Disease

On the pulse of destroying heart disease with new innovative therapies.

Breaking Through Depression

Breaking Through Depression

The latest treatments for mental illness are helping patients live more fulfilling lives.

Controlling MS Image

The Latest Innovations for MS Patients

The latest innovations keep MS in check.

Lung Cancer Gets Personal image

Lung Cancer Gets Personal

Lung cancer counts for 25% of all cancer deaths in the U.S. That's why every day, researchers search relentlessly to unearth more innovative breakthroughs. Thanks to their dedication, there are now 240 immuno-oncology treatments in development to give hope and a future for patients with cancer.

Outsmarting Breast Cancer image

Outsmarting Breast Cancer

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, there has been significant progress for breast cancer patients in the last decade. Groundbreaking innovations in personalized medicine are changing the course of treatment to create potential first-in-class therapies and the promise of a cancer-free future.

Winning the War Against HIV/AIDs image

Winning the War Against HIV/AIDS

30 years of progress and innovative treatments are helping patients win the war against HIV/AIDS.

At the Heart of Transplantation image

At the Heart of Transplantation

Transplant researchers aren't missing a beat when it comes to pioneering treatments to prevent transplant rejection and the recurrence of the original disease. Their latest findings are helping patients get a second chance at life.

Combating Type 2 Diabetes image

Combating Type 2 Diabetes

New innovative treatments are revolutionizing life for patients battling diabetes.