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Our Commitment

The bold mission of America’s Biopharmaceutical Companies is to bring an end to the burdens of disease, in all its forms.

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Our Commitment

We are America's Biopharmaceutical Companies, driven to discover the next lifesaving breakthrough and dedicated to ending the burdens of disease. And with new, innovative medicines on the horizon, we're closer than ever to reaching our goal.

Can We Afford the New Era of Medicine

Can We Afford the New Era of Medicine?

Innovative treatments require innovative partnerships. America's Biopharmaceutical Companies and insurers are partnering to get the right medicine in the hands of patients who need them.

We Cannot Take Progress for Granted

Policy Solutions to Push Progress Forward

We are in a new era of medical discovery and have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of costly and debilitating diseases. But we must not take this progress for granted.

Ensuring Innovation to Disease Affecting Women image

Ensuring Innovation in Diseases Affecting Women

When women seek medical care, they may be up against different obstacles from men.

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Recognizing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Every time you take a medicine – even if it's just for a headache – you are benefitting from the results of a clinical trial.

Florida Clinical Trials image

Florida Clinical Trials

Recently, America's biopharmaceutical companies joined the American Cancer Society for the Cancer Action Network Clinical Trials Policy Forum at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Rare Disease by the Numbers

Today is Rare Disease Day, which serves as a time to recognize the more than 30 million Americans living with some type of rare disease.

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Patient Resources

America's Biopharmaceutical Companies are researching and developing thousands of new treatments and cures, and helping more patients every day.