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America’s biopharmaceutical companies host and participate in a diverse array of events that explore science and policy issues that impact biopharmaceutical innovation and patient access to medicines. Members of the nation’s leading biopharmaceutical research companies come together to collaborate with leadership experts in the industry, offering unique insights about the future of health in America.

Battling Cancer Together Image

Battling Cancer Together

At age 24, medical student Matt Hiznay was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.

Change on the Horizon: The Future of Cancer Treatment image

Change on the Horizon: The Future of Cancer Treatment

Experts and thought leaders touching every aspect of cancer came together for "Future Shapers: A New Era in Cancer Care", a conversation led by Axios and part of PhRMA's GoBoldly Campaign.

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On the Front Lines of Science

In recent years, medical breakthroughs including new drug therapies and early disease monitoring technologies have accelerated rapidly. This has created wide-ranging transformations in patient care.

Vaccines Advancing Human Health

Vaccines Advancing Human Health

For decades we have seen unparalleled progress in vaccine development, with more than 260 vaccines in the development pipeline to treat and prevent diseases.