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Every day, an army of researchers from America’s biopharmaceutical companies fight to end disease. Their indomitable will to find the unfindable and cure the incurable is the driving engine behind every medical achievement to transform the way we prevent and treat disease and help patients live longer, healthier lives.



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Understanding mRNA Vaccines

Scientists are breaking barriers with mRNA technology, one of the approaches used to develop COVID-19 vaccines.

What Today’s ‘Unprecedented’ Partnerships May Mean for a COVID-19 Vaccine

In addition to working internally to advance a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, Sanofi has joined forces with outside public and private organizations to accelerate the R&D process.

This Scientist Is Working to Develop a Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

Janssen is one among dozens of biopharmaceutical companies working around the clock to identify and develop safe and effective vaccines to prevent COVID-19.

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Researcher Profile: Dr. Ryan Moslin

Researchers like Ryan at Bristol-Myers Squibb are making strides in lupus treatment that were impossible 10 years ago.

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Fighting for Reform: The Honorable Steven Leifman

The Honorable Steven Leifman worked to transform the criminal justice system of Florida to better help - not hinder - the treatment of mental health inmates in Southern Florida.