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Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., but death rates are declining. See how researchers are fighting back.

A Major Blood Cancer: Leukemia image

A Major Blood Cancer: Leukemia

Thanks to the work of biopharmaceutical researchers, newly developed medicines that can target cancer at the molecular level are helping blood cancer patients turn the corner.

A Veteran’s Victory Over Cancer image

A Veteran's Victory Over Cancer

Within a year of retiring from the Air Force in 2003, Corneliussen-James "C.J." was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, joining one-in-eight American women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.


Change on the Horizon: The Future of Cancer Treatment image

Change on the Horizon: The Future of Cancer Treatment

Experts and thought leaders touching every aspect of cancer came together for "Future Shapers: A New Era in Cancer Care", a conversation led by Axios and part of PhRMA's GoBoldly Campaign.

Pink Hair Don’t Care image

Pink Hair Don't Care

How my life changed when I became the patient.

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Researcher Profile: Axel Hoos

"In simple terms, we're making new medicines that can have a transformational impact on cancer," says Dr. Axel Hoos about his day-to-day work.


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Researcher Profile: Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson has spent his career working to find better and more innovative treatments for cancer.

Researcher Profile: Maysoun Shomali image

Researcher Profile: Maysoun Shomali

As a research investigator at Sanofi, Maysoun Shomali is a pioneer making a difference for breast cancer research.

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Battling Cancer Together

At age 24, medical student Matt Hiznay was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.