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A group of conditions involving narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can ultimately cause heart attacks, angina (chest pain) or strokes. It is also referred to as cardiovascular disease.



Ensuring Innovation to Disease Affecting Women image

Ensuring Innovation in Diseases Affecting Women

When women seek medical care, they may be up against different obstacles from men.

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Researcher Profile: Laura Michael

Dr. Laura Michael started her career at Lilly researching cardiovascular disease and the complications that frequently arise from it.

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Researcher Profile: Paul Nioi

Paul is a scientist in the Research and Development Group at Amgen where he is focused largely on the development of novel approaches for evaluating potential new medicines using genetics, including recent scientific breakthroughs in heart disease.

Researcher Profile: Jennifer Allport-Anderson image

Researcher Profile: Jennifer Allport-Anderson

Dr. Allport-Anderson works to find new medicine for cardiovascular metabolic diseases, which can lead to health problems such as heart attacks and diabetes.