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Researcher Profile: Steve Yancey

Steve Yancey and his team work to discover new and better treatments that address the needs of severe asthma patients.

Donna Matlach

Living with severe asthma is a full-time job

Living with severe asthma is a full-time job, and it has impacted nearly every area of Donna’s life.

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Researcher Profile: René van der Merwe

Biologics could bring an end to today’s “one size fits all” approach to treating asthma says René van der Merwe.

Innovation gave me back my ability to breathe

Gil shares his experience living with severe asthma, and the impact new treatments have on his life.

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Researcher Profile: Roland Kolbeck

Dr. Kolbeck led a team of researchers to develop what has become AstraZeneca’s first respiratory biologic treatment.