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Immunotherapy empowers the immune system to attack diseased cells. See how researchers harness this power.

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A New Way to Fight Cancer

It used to be science fiction. Harnessing your body's own immune system to fight cancer. But what was once the fruit of a wild imagination is today a reality.

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Do Tumors Hold the Key to Their Own Destruction?

By studying the interactions between a tumor and a patient's immune system, researchers at biopharmaceutical companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) are trying to reduce the ambiguity involved in fighting cancer.

More Than 240 Immuno-oncology Treatments in Development to Fight Cancer

More Than 240 Immuno-oncology Treatments in Development to Fight Cancer

The need for new cancer treatments is more important than ever, and America's biopharmaceutical companies are boldly leading the way in discovering new breakthroughs.

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Destroying The Cancer Threat

It is sometimes said that after a researcher has studied one cancer patient, he or she is left with the understanding of exactly one cancer patient.

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Researcher Profile: Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson has spent his career working to find better and more innovative treatments for cancer.

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Researcher Profile: Maysoun Shomali

As a research investigator at Sanofi, Maysoun Shomali is a pioneer making a difference for breast cancer research.


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The Incredible Power of Immunization

In 1796, the trajectory of our relationship with disease changed permanently when Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine.


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Researcher Profile Rino Rappuoli

Dr. Rino Rappuoli, a scientist at GSK, has helped pioneer vaccines that can help prevent meningococcal meningitis.

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Researcher Profile: Gokul Swaminathan

Dr. Gokul Swaminathan of Merck researches potential vaccines that can train the body to recognize and kill a pathogen before it ever leads to an infection.

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Researcher Profile: Christina Kiley

Through her roles at Eli Lilly and Company, Dr. Christina Kiley developed a strong understanding of the patient perspective and the diverse ways patients are incorporated into biopharmaceutical research.

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Researcher Profile: Niranjana Nagarajan

According to Dr. Niranjana Nagarajan, a principal scientist at Celgene, "sheer curiosity" drove her into biopharmaceutical research.

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Innovation Spotlight: AbbVie Bioresearch Center in Worcester, Mass.

Biopharmaceutical innovation has emerged as a leading area of state economic development. Take Massachusetts, for example.