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Therapy at the intracellular level to replace or inactivate the effects of disease-causing genes or to augment normal gene functions to overcome illness.


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Battling Disease with Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies can often sound like science fiction. But their possibilities represent a new era of medicine.

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Advancing Mental Health by Reducing Stigma and Improving Treatment

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced suicide rates in the U.S. increased by 25 percent over the last two decades, and more than half of those who died by the disease had not been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

A Critical Quest: Working Toward Better Treatments for Brain Cancer

A Critical Quest: Working Toward Better Treatments for Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive form of brain cancer, and one that impacts more than 12,000 Americans each year.


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How America's Biopharmaceutical Companies Lead in New Medicine Development

From advanced biologics to transformative therapies, such as cell and gene therapy, recent advancements have revolutionized our ability to treat, and in some cases cure, some of the most challenging diseases.

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4 Revolutionary Approaches Contributing to the Drop in Cancer Mortality Rate

Since peaking in 1991, the death rate associated with cancer declined by 29%, which translates to 2.9 million fewer cancer deaths.  

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Researcher Profile: Craig Mickanin

A biopharmaceutical researcher at Novartis, Craig has spent most of his two-decade career studying cell and gene therapies.

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Researcher Profile: Rebecca Leary

Rebecca Leary works at the forefront of precision medicine, pursuing technologies that characterize cancer cells and their relationship with the body's own immune system.

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Taking Control of Epilepsy

As the most common serious neurological condition in the U.S., epilepsy affects roughly 3.4 million Americans. It's what drives biopharmaceutical researchers to fight back with innovative medicines like targeted treatments that could transform the lives of patients living with the disease.


Achieving Innovation and Access Together

In today's new era of medicine, breakthrough treatments are revolutionizing how we fight disease, providing hope to patient populations that 20 years ago could never have dreamed of using the word "cure" when talking about their conditions.

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Beating Heart Disease

On the pulse of destroying heart disease with new innovative therapies.

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Researcher Profile: Jennifer Allport-Anderson

Dr. Allport-Anderson works to find new medicine for cardiovascular metabolic diseases, which can lead to health problems such as heart attacks and diabetes.