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Therapeutics aimed at precise molecular or genetic drivers of disease, allowing them to develop medicines for more targeted patient populations, which enables physicians to deliver more personalized care to patients.


Improving Cancer Treatment by Studying DNA Damage Response image

Improving Cancer Treatment by Studying DNA Damage Response

DNA damage response (DDR) is a term used to describe the network of cellular pathways that minimize the daily impact of DNA damage.


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Researcher Profile: Christina Kiley

Through her roles at Eli Lilly and Company, Dr. Christina Kiley developed a strong understanding of the patient perspective and the diverse ways patients are incorporated into biopharmaceutical research.

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Researcher Profile: Maysoun Shomali

As a research investigator at Sanofi, Maysoun Shomali is a pioneer making a difference for breast cancer research.

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Outsmarting Breast Cancer

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, there has been significant progress for breast cancer patients in the last decade. Groundbreaking innovations in personalized medicine are changing the course of treatment to create potential first-in-class therapies and the promise of a cancer-free future.

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Rethinking Alzheimer's

New approaches to one of the world's most complex diseases are aiming to give months and years back to those facing an otherwise uncertain future.