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Stand Up for Innovation. Vote for Cures.

Today, policymakers are considering policies that could threaten future innovation. As Washington debates changes to the health care system, we must advocate for proposals that not only help people afford their medicines but also support the development of the next generation of treatments and cures that have the potential to save lives.  

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Everyday, America's biopharmaceutical researchers work to develop lifesaving medicines. We're fighting to make sure that innovation reaches patients like you. Join us to protect your access to innovative treatments and cures.

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Tell lawmakers to protect innovation when addressing health care costs.


The United States is in an exciting new era of medical discovery that holds unlimited promise for potential medicines targeting complex conditions. But while America’s biopharmaceutical companies continue to invest in and create treatments that transform the lives of patients, we know our health care system is not always working for patients. We know that vital medicines are only helpful if the people who need them can get them, but there are policy proposals in Congress today that threaten to cripple future advancements for the toughest diseases to treat and cure. That’s why we need to make sure that federal, state and local policymakers support policies that improve access to these treatments for patients today and protect the innovation of tomorrow. But we need your voice to help make that happen.


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Voters for Cures

The next medical breakthrough is more than just science. It's personal. Voters for Cures is the leading voice for patients, their families and the health care professionals who understand what's at stake if policies do not support patient affordability and access to innovation. Our efforts focus on three core areas:

Patient Voices, Policy Solutions & Cutting-Edge Research


The following articles share policy solutions, exciting R&D progress and advocate spotlights where patients and those that care for them share the reasons why they vote for cures. 

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3 Groundbreaking Innovations That Were First Approved in the United States

Breakthrough therapies are approved in America quickly, and this translates to hope for patients and families.

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Here's the Reason America Is an Innovation Powerhouse

American policies prioritize innovation and patient access.

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Why Washington Shouldn't Copy the Flawed Pricing Policies of Other Countries

America is the world’s leading source of innovation. Let’s keep it that way.

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Providing Patients with Cost Information and Tools to Navigate Insurance Coverage

The biopharmaceutical industry is dedicated to finding lifesaving treatments but also making sure patients can access them.  

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The Latest Innovations for MS Patients

The latest innovations keep MS in check.