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Everyday, America’s biopharmaceutical researchers work to develop lifesaving medicines and treatments for diseases like COVID-19. We’re fighting to make sure innovation reaches patients like you. Join us to protect your access to affordable and breakthrough medicines.

Are you a champion for innovation?

Today’s advancements for COVID-19 medicines and other breakthrough treatments are changing lives and providing hope to patients. But some in Washington, DC, have suggested policy changes that would jeopardize investment in science and the very breakthroughs that American patients rely on.


Important conversations are also happening to help ensure Americans have affordable access to their medicines. As policymakers debate changes to the health care system, we must advocate for proposals that not only help people access their medicines but also support the development of the next generation of treatments and cures that have the potential to save lives. Learn more about our fight for innovation.

Are you a champion for innovation?

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Voters For Cures

The next medical breakthrough is more than just science. It’s personal. Voters for Cures is a leading voice for patients, their families and the health care professionals who understand what’s at stake if policies do not support patient affordability and access, as well as continued medical innovation. Our efforts focus on three core areas:


Strong IP Protections Lead To Stronger Treatments For All

What’s so important about intellectual property rights, or IP for short? Robust IP protections spur innovation, increase competition and lead to more effective treatments and cures for every patient — whether they’re battling cancer, heart disease or COVID-19.

Learn more about the importance of IP protections in the innovation ecosystem.

Patient Voices, Policy Solutions & Cutting-Edge Research

The following articles share policy solutions, exciting R&D progress, and advocate spotlights where patients and those that care for them share the reasons why they vote for cures.