Tell the President to Stop Putting COVID-19 Research at Risk

Our government’s number one priority should be to beat COVID-19, including supporting the search for much-needed treatments and vaccines. Unfortunately, the president has signed a new executive order that would threaten the very research we need to rid the United States and the world of this pandemic. The proposal is a dangerous and unnecessary distraction to solving the current pandemic. Tell the president to stop this policy immediately.


Tell the White House: Stop Putting COVID-19 Research at Risk

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Tell the White House: Stop Putting COVID-19 Research at Risk

Biopharmaceutical scientists and researchers have been working around the clock to develop new vaccines and medicines to treat and prevent COVID-19, but we aren’t there yet. Despite this, the president has signed an executive order that puts current and future research at risk.


The new proposal would allow the government to set the price of medicines based on foreign governments’ decisions – foreign countries where access to innovative therapies is restricted and investment in treatments and cures is lacking. Case in point, nearly 90% of new medicines launched since 2011 are available in the United States compared to just 50% on average in these other foreign countries. This policy hurts Americans, especially seniors, when we should be helping all Americans stay healthy and get the economy going again. It is a step backwards for the United States when our nation should be doing everything it can to beat COVID-19.


Now more than ever, we need policies that support the development of new medicines, not policies like the latest executive order that will upend medical research and innovation in the United States. Tell President Trump to stop this policy immediately so we can get back to focusing on finding treatments and vaccines for COVID-19.

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