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Voters For Cures is the leading voice for patients and those who care for them. We all want to know that innovative new medicines will be there when we need them, but too often individual patients have a hard time making sure that their voices and stories are heard. Our mission is to support medical progress and the polices that make new medicines possible. We advocate for proposals that support the next generation of treatments and cures and make sure people can get the medicines they need.


Our efforts focus on three core areas:


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Protecting Breakthroughs

In recent years, rapid advances in scientific discovery have ushered in a new era of medicine, transforming our ability to treat some of the most challenging diseases ranging from cancer and asthma to autoimmune conditions and more.

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Washington is considering policy changes that could threaten innovation

New policy proposals in Washington threaten to hamstring investment in innovation and jeopardize breakthroughs.

Help Protect the Breakthroughs of Tomorrow

Help Protect the Breakthroughs of Tomorrow

Modern advancements in personalized medicines and breakthrough treatments are changing lives and providing hope. But some in Washington, DC, have suggested policy changes that would hamstring investment in science and jeopardize the very breakthroughs we expect.

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Providing Patients with Cost Information and Tools to Navigate Insurance Coverage

The biopharmaceutical industry is dedicated to finding lifesaving treatments but also making sure patients can access them.  

We Cannot Take Progress for Granted

We Cannot Take Progress for Granted

We are in a new era of medical discovery and have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of costly and debilitating diseases. But we must not take this progress for granted.